Chiropractor & Physiotherapy Clinic In Thornbury & Portishead

Combining over 40 years of experience, our team of chiropractors and physiotherapists will aim to rid you of pain and return you to full fitness in a friendly and caring environment at our practices based in Thornbury and Portishead, near Bristol.

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Conveniently situated on Thornbury High Street with access to free short and long stay parking.



Situated in the centre of Portishead and linked to the Fitness Hub Gym. Plenty of free parking at the premises.


Steps to helping you recover

1. Initial consultation

Let's chat to find out how we can help.

2. Diagnosis

Work with you to find out what's the problem.

3. Treatment plan

Establish a treatment plan for you.

4. Lifestyle management

Advise you on lifestyle improvements.

5. Patient improvement

Continuous treatment until improved.

6. Exercise/rehab

Managing your progress to full recovery.

Common conditions we treat

Back and shoulder pain

Pain referring from the spine or muscular trigger points.

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Irritation or compression to the sciatic nerve causing referred back or leg symptoms.

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Neck and arm injury

Whiplash associated disorders caused by trauma such as road traffic accidents.

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Sports injury

All types of sporting injuries ranging from amateur to elite.

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Knee pain

Cartilage damage, muscle imbalances and biomechanics are just a few common causes.

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Headaches and migraines

Stress, tension, poor posture can be the cause for recurring symptoms.

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Repetitive strain injuries causing inflammation to muscles, tendons and joints.

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Pilates and acupuncture

Alternative therapies to help with common complaints.

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